Process exhaust air optimisation

We optimise the energy consumption of printing-presses and laminators. We optimise the drying of your units. We offer the entire development and realisation.

A lot of times it happens that all it needs is a check-up and adjustment of the existent air supply systems and exhaust air units of the printing-presses.

We adjust your printing-press air to the best possible conditions. Concerning UEG- controlled units, this means: Preferably little exhaust air at printing mechanism, but enough to keep a vacuum at the dryer’s inlet and run-out. (MAK- values) In case of insufficient blow air, we will find the reason and – if possible – solve the problem on-site.

  • Complete ductwork of the exhaust air unit, including the installation of exhaust fans and the electronic control system (Vacuum-controlled exhaust fans).
  • Adjusting of old printing-presses to air circulation operation in conjunction with a UEG unit.
  • Modification or re-equipment of continuous dryers, including the installation of supply and axhaust air blowers, as well as the electronic control system. Enhancement of blow air speed and drying temperature.
  • Reduction of residual solvent rate and increase of production speed.


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