UEG units

We plan, project and install UEG units according to the latest ATEX and EN regulations 1539/EN 954-1

  • We upgrade and modify existing UEG units.
  • We guarantee the supply of original spare parts.
  • We offer maintenance of the UEG units, which includes a check-up of the UEG control.
  • We use the gas detection devices of the following companies: „MSA Auer“, „Sieger Zellweger“, „Dräger“ and „ACS-Heck“.
  • We customise UEG switchboards.
  • Our newly-made units are as a standard feature equipped with fully automated drive control systems.
  • We offer solidly installed back-flushing device to clean blocked up gas detection ducts in an easy and fast way.
  • According to the customer`s request, we install air/ vacuum pumps or electric diaphragm pumps.
  • We trigger electro-pneumatically separate exhaust air and/ or combined shutoff dampers.
  • We use Siemens SES systems (S5/S7).


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